Long Exposures in the snow 1

Manchester snow

I’ve had a slightly frustrating day, with a morning spent learning the limitations of my chosen video editing hardware and software and an afternoon spent learning the limitations of the footage I shot on Wednesday.

But never mind, it’s snowed! I looked out of the window at about ten o’clock and found everything had gone white. I just had to grab the camera and a tripod and head out. The photo above was a fifteen second exposure in Cavendish Road Park. The other long exposures were four seconds each. The flash photos were taken using the camera’s “slow synchro” flash setting, which uses a longer exposure to bring up the background. Adjusting the white balance with Photoshop has brought out a lot of detail.

Manchester snow Manchester snow Manchester snow Manchester snow Manchester snow Manchester snow

Snow under my wheels

Snow under my wheels, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

The snow stopped, so I headed out. I couldn’t resist a short hop along the Fallowfield Loop, which is where I picked up this coating. There was also a devour into Platt Fields to photograph transformers and GIs in the snow. They’ll be uploaded later.

I was worried that the thin sheen of melt water on the roads might not be cleared by the rush hour traffic and there’d be the risk of black ice for my commute tomorrow. Then it started snowing heavily again whilst I was shopping, and that opens up all sorts of other possibilities. I may have fun just getting home later.

We’re trapped in the plot of The Day After Tomorrow

Remember The Day After Tomorrow? A cheesey disaster film that took a scientific theory about the Gulf Stream shutting down and the northern hemisphere immediately freezing. Well, the current British freeze is because the Gulf Stream’s been diverted by the West Greenland current. The current’s at its strongest in fifty years, possibly as a result of polar warming courtesy of climate change.

via BoingBoing

Snow ride

Snow ride, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

I’d like to pretend it was Harry’s idea to go for a ride in the snow, but I was already contemplating it. I’m in Platt Fields, watching sledgers and skiers.

Oh, the weather outside is awful

The view from the front step, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Actually, it’s quite delightful, and shall remain so until I have to go out in it for milk later. Or tomorrow morning, when it will be compacted and frozen, or deeper, or some combination of both, and I have to go to work.