Resources for fixing your Elonex/ Maplin Minibook/ whatever

As I suspected, the Maplin Minibook and Elonex One t are the same computer, differing only in a few cosmetic ways. There are a few other brands selling the same little laptop in the same package, and they no doubt all have the same problems with wifi. The site has more details on what’s turning out to be a generic diddy computer. No matter what it says on the tin, it appears your Elonex etc. is actually a CnMBook with modified packaging.

Don’t get me wrong, both the Minibook and the One t are lovely little things, and if it weren’t for the wifi problems they’d be just what I wanted for wandering around, writing and occasionally posting from cafes. But wifi problems they have. CnM themselves suggest that if problems persist you might want to change the settings on your router, avoiding the real issue of the laptop being hard or impossible to connect away from home.

I’ve mostly used the Maplin, because I got that before the Elonex. I’ll install some of the little linux recommended patches and see what happens. Then I may transfer the stuff that works over to the Elonex.

The strictly unofficial Elonex One blog has more information.