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Recording the voice over for 60

Scarlett and Gabe are Voice 1 and Voice 2 for 60. We have recorded 4 takes and I’ll pick and mix the best versions to dub over the live action.

Memory – now available on dvd

A dvd of Memory is now available through Lulu. Get all five episodes, the trailer, outtakes and a slideshow.

Rob may be turning into a machine, side effects from the revolutionary cancer treatment he’s undergoing. He turns to the only person he feels he can trust- Hannah, the daughter of his long dead business partner.

With help from her friend George she looks into the legal and philosophical implications, until she starts getting mysterious messgaes about her father’s death.

Pretending to play

Pretending to play, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Annamarie and Nathan practicing their pretend racing game skills prior to filming. I’ll post a report from the set later. For now I have to clear stuff off my hard drive so I can transfer all the footage.