Be Your Own Valentine

New at Etsy, two Be Your Own Valentine cards. The outside is simple enough-

But open it to reveal one of these two images-

They can be read either way- sex positive celebration of being single or “I’m really not that into you, try this.” Order them now to get them in time for Valentine’s Day.

Update A variation on the design is now available on Cafe Press. It’s available individually, in a 10 pack or in a 20 pack.

Further update Someone at CafePress thinks vibrators may be against their Questionable Material & Prohibited Content Guidelines and those cards aren’t available until they make a decision.

A few cards are now available in my Etsy shop

Expressions, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

A series of minimalist expressions done on artist cards with a Sharpie marker. How expressive can a few lines be?

Skull and cross bones

Skull and cross bones greetings card.

Abstract- rectangles

Abstract rectangles greetings card.

Get one or more of the cards for yourself at my Etsy shop-

Headz- Cowboys

Headz- Cowboys, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

You may remember a batch of severed cowboy heads from a month or so ago. They were for this. I’ll probably make an Indian Headz as well, for sale on Etsy when I get an account.

Hand lettered, so it looks different on each side. I’m not entirely happy with the varnish finish, but that should buff out. See more pictures in the Cowboy Headz set.

What's going on?

Time for an update on my current projects-

Venn I should have episode 1 of Venn edited and ready for release by the middle of next week. It will premiere on August 1st, because the first of the month is a good day for releases. If I can get organised we should be filming the last bits of footage for episodes 2 and 3 around then as well. Which should give us a buffer to film the next two or three episodes and look around for sponsorship and other funding. Episodes, and a couple of trailers if I can get them done, will be posted here and on

Incidentally, I’d really like to find a camera operator and maybe someone to help me with editing and colour correction, because I’m not as good as I’d like at either. If you’re interested, get in touch.

Shall We Take A Trip? For a long time I’ve wanted to do an erotic comic, if only because I’ve found so few that are any good. (For the record, I recommend Undertow and Retreat by Kiki Kjaer, or any of the works of Reed Waller.) Shall We Take A Trip? is sort of Nick Hornby meets Waller’s Omaha the Cat Dancer, only without the football or tails, respectively. Mark has written a film script set in Manchester in the early nineties and now it’s gone into production he’s on set to handle rewrites. And reminisce about his sex life. I’ve scripted 56 pages, but that’s likely to expand, and the ending is open to rewriting. We’ll see.

Post Another comic project, which I’m thinking of doing as a combined web and phone comic. I’m writing backstory for it at the moment. It’s a virus apocalypse story with a difference. What if the virus wasn’t designed to kill, but rather to modify the victims’ DNA, sometimes for the better. As some of the plague victims go beyond human, what effect does it have?

Spinneyworld More transfers and one or two downloadable items for modellers. I’m also thinking about a few white metal parts, such as modern image street furniture- parking meters, bins etc. These will allow me to hone my sculpting skills and then I’ll start making figures. I have a few planned- hoodies, women in hijabs, graffiti artists etc.

Etsy I’m going to get an Etsy selling account soon (I need a credit card first) and I have a few products lined up and even some built.
Strange little world– more pieces like Mending Time, putting model soldiers and vehicles into odd contexts.
Not quite the end of the world– a series of vignettes/mini dioramas depicting very silly apocalypses. I’ve just done one with SAS soldiers versus a giant teddy bear.
Mini art car parade– yes, there shall be more of these.
Eee/One wallets– I will be taking delivery of an Elonex Onet+, a mini laptop in the Eee mould. It comes with a cool neoprene case, but I think it would be nice to have a bag to slip that one in. I’ll do a few, denim and leather seem obvious materials, and see if they sell.