West Didsbury Architecture Wander

I went in a different direction for this architecture trawl.

Before I get to any buildings, here’s what the old railway line looks like now they’ve taken away a load of trees-

The old railway line

I’ve been meaning to get pictures of this building for a while. It’s the Local Board Offices. Board of what, I’m not sure, but it is nice.

local board offices 6

local board offices 5 local board offices 4 local board offices 3 local board offices 2 local board offices 1

A little further down the road is the Mercantile Bank of Lancashire, now a solicitor’s offices.

Mercantile bank Mercantile bank 2

On to Burton Road. The bike atop G.T. Blagg’s is cool. And there are what appear to be cane structures for training plants on the roof behind it. I wonder what they grow up there?

Blagg bike

I’m not sure how much of the decoration on the Metropolitan is original and how much has been added for atmosphere. It looks nice though.

Metropolitan Metropolitan 2

The Jamieson sign is still there. And, despite the gentrification of Burton Road, Hibbert’s continues its slow decay.

Jamieson Hibbert's

Back up Burton Road to the last of my targets for the day. I forgot to take the proper name of this school. It is an impressive building nonetheless.

school 10

school 9 school 8 school 7 school 6 school 5 school 4 school 3 school 2 school 1

Prints of these and other images are available from my shop at

Current state of the Sounds of Soldiers cover

Sounds of Soldiers cover

I’m still not happy with it, and it’s missing blurb on the back and the title and author on the spine, but it’s getting there. I’ll still be unhappy with the version which goes to print, but I’m trying to adopt a policy of getting stuff done and released.

Yesterday I pencilled and inked two pages of Point of Contact. They’re not detail rich, and there’s a lot of shading to be done to them before they’re complete, but it’s better than spending days worrying about layout and stuff. Point of Contact will premiere here on March 1st with a page a week until I’ve got enough pages in hand that I can move it up to two a week.

Start shopping now for Valentine’s

Okay, it’s too late to get any last minute Christmas presents, but you could always plan ahead. I’m now selling prints through Qoop, such as Deep, Deep Blue below. Click on the image to go to its selling page, check out all the other images in my store.

I’m putting stuff into my Zibbet shop. I say buy now for Valentine’s because, if you’re as dirty minded as I, stuff like the indecent proposal ring is just the sort of thing you want to be getting for your significant other. Coming in the new year will be chainring clocks (I finally found the right backing board, I just hope it’s still in stock when I go to buy it) and other cycle related products.

This month I’m going to be even geekier than normal 1

Tomorrow I shall be attending the Manchester Model Railway Society’s exhibition. Simultaneously, some of my comics shall be on sale from the Manchester Comix Collective’s table at the Birmingham International Comic Show. Meanwhile I’m creating new models for my Shapeways shop. I’ve set myself a deadline of Monday so I can order stuff to sell at Gamecon ’09 on the 17th.

And if that isn’t enough, I’m almost ready to start the first page on my space comic, which is now titled Point of Contact. I’ve had a few volunteers on Facebook who want their surname to be given to the family who are four of the six main (human) characters. I may just write all the names down on slips of paper and draw them out as I need surnames.

Gimme Shelter. New 3d printable products

Mondays are my designated 3d designing days, though for the last couple of weeks I’ve been struggling up the steep initial learning curve of Blender. I’ve reached a level where I can create what I want using boolean operations such as union, though that doesn’t always produce printable objects. I have an extra day to dedicate to 3d this week, so I’ll see if I can move on to sculpting rather than gluing.

This Monday I made three bus shelters, which are available from my Shapeways shop

The small shelter without an advertising box comes in a four pack. It needs painting and glazing- acetate should glue easily to the backs of the supports. I may design a map/timetable transfer to go on the incorporated board.

The small shelter with an advertising box comes in a two pack. I may design advert transfers for it, in the meantime you can always print out your own to fit. Again, it will need painting and glazing.

The large shelter is available singly or in a two pack. It’s cheaper per unit in the two pack, but you may need just the one for the stop right outside your station. Painting and glazing required, of course.

I’m going to take a break from model railway stuff for a week or so to build wargaming bits to be sold at the upcoming Gamecon in Manchester.

Little plastic things make me happy

My first order from Shapeways 3d printing has arrived. These are some of the bins, which will go out to model railway magazines to be reviewed. There’s another batch that I’m going to clean and test paint.
Only one problem so far- the second sprue of bins on poles broke off at the base of the poles. There seems to be a weak spot, possibly accentuated by the model’s orientation when it was printed.

OO modern street furniture through Shapeways

The plan is to produce a few simple models every week and build up a wide range of street furniture for model railway builders. I’ll be ordering copies of my own products, some of which will go to magazines for promotion and some I will build myself and record here. In fact the first batch should print and ship this week, so next week I’ll be painting bins.

Today and yesterday I designed and uploaded some benches-

The cantilever bench comes as a set of five, the other two as sets of four. The price will depend upon which material you use, but includes taxes and shipping charges. There’s a minimum order of $25. None of the models will exceed that individually, but the idea is for you to be able to pick and choose street furniture until you’ve got enough, with enough variety, for your layout.

The benches, and the bins I designed last week, are available from my Shapeways shop.

The first of the chainring clocks is nearly finished

I still need to work out how to hang it- I’m thinking brake cable, to keep with the theme, or I have some headset spacers that may do the job.

Buy Spinneyhead!

Wel, buy Spinneyhead creations, anyway.

I’ve been selling stuff on the Spinneyworld site for a while now, but the Drupal plugin to do ecommerce never really worked that well. Yesterday I tried PayPal’s own shopping cart and it was far easier to use. So I’ll be going across to that and rebuilding Spinneyworld in the near future.

In the meantime, if you click on the Direct from Spinneyhead link at the top right of the page you’ll find a list of items you can buy direct from me. There’s not a lot there yet, but I’ll add stuff as soon as possible. If you click the All Products link you’ll see the stuff that’s available through third parties as well.

Mongrels mini comic 1

Mongrels mini comic 1, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Part one of Who Let The GODs Out? Originally drawn for mobile phones, now available as colour mini comics. You can buy a copy at Zibbet or order one direct-

British shirts for British protesting!

Ms Laudanum reminded me of Spreadshirt, a T-shirt printing company based in the UK. The first design I’ve uploaded is yesterday’s “Nick Griffin is NOT my MEP” one so now you can be doubly patriotic- protest an arsehole who doesn’t represent Britain whilst buying from a British company. (I make a little on every sale as well.)

Visit the Spinneyhead shop at Spreadshirt.

Nick Griffin is not my MEP

Nick Griffin is not my MEP, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

He isn’t. I didn’t vote for him, and I want people to know that.

Get this image on clothes and mugs at Cafe Press.

Listen to his interview on the Today programme. Not what I wanted to wake up to. But it made me angry enough to get out of bed earlier than normal.

Not your little sister’s dolls’ house

This is another of my naughty miniatures. It’s going to be titled "Can’t get out of bed". 1/12th scale dolls’ house bed with cord. I’ve just got to glue the knots and it’ll be ready to sell.