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Christmas is coming!

Gift-giving time is almost upon us, so, I would like to point you to the places you can buy Spinneyhead stuff.

Obviously, you can buy my books, or Garth’s, but they’re exclusively digital. Buy them as a treat for yourself.

If you want physical presents to give away, there are a few places you can go.

I have a store hosted by Zibbet, where you can buy cards, buttons, badges and cufflinks made from coins, odd, naughty boxes, and vintage items.

I’m selling antique postcards on Delcampe, as well as stamps, slides and other interesting stuff.

A selection of my photos are available as prints from DeviantArt or Redbubble.

You can get 3D prints of stuff I’ve designed from Shapeways. It’s mostly model rail related stuff, but I’m going to be adding new designs as soon as possible.

I may have forgotten some of the places you can get my stuff, I have tried out all sorts over the years, but these are the main ones I use at the moment.

Threepence piece cufflinks


I like cufflinks. In fact, now that I no longer work in an office, I only own nice shirts that need cufflinks. So I’ve started making cufflinks.

These links are made from 1967 vintage threepenny pieces attached to blank cufflinks with Araldite. Each pair has a head and a tail coin.

You can buy them from the Spinneyhead shop at Zibbet.


Crossover 1 Page 01B

I have a small stack of, mostly, Image comics from the nineties, a sharp knife and a guillotine, and I’m going to make some art. Working on some comic book themed ideas, my first series is going to be called “Crossover 1”. Two comics- Brigade series 1 issue 3 and C23 issue 3, collide in strips on the page. These being Image comics from the nineties, some of the resulting pages will be no less coherent than the originals.

There will be two versions of each page. A pages start with C-23 at the top, B pages with Brigade. Once I have a few more pages in stock, I shall be putting them up for sale on Spinneyworld and Zibbet.

In Praise of Folly

In Praise of Folly Holbein print cards

It always feels wrong to cut up a book, but sometimes there’s nothing else to be done. Such was the case with the copy of In Praise Of Folly we found amongst a job lot of books. Having performed triage and ascertained that it was too far gone to be rescued I decided that the prints inside the book deserved rescuing.

After cutting them out of the book and trimming them I’ve started sticking the pictures- copies of engravings by Hans Holbein- onto blank cards. They’re available for £3 each from the Spinneyworld online store.

In Praise of Folly Holbein print cards In Praise of Folly Holbein print cards In Praise of Folly Holbein print cards In Praise of Folly Holbein print cards In Praise of Folly Holbein print cards In Praise of Folly Holbein print cards

Can’t Get Out Of Bed- naughty dollhouse furniture

For anyone who thinks that their dollhouse is a little too clean comes this subtle but dirty bed. Slip it into the main bedroom of your 1:12th scale dollhouse to hint at the rude goings on when the full size folks aren’t watching or put it on a shelf somewhere as a sign of what you’d like to do.

There may be more naughty dollhouse furniture in the future, and it will probably be less subtle.

1:76th Rover 100 banger

This was the project I set myself after watching all those banger racing videos on Tuesday. Build an old school banger to sit in a corner of some model railway layout just waiting to go out in metal rending glory.

The Base-Toys Rover 100 used in this project

This is what I started with. A 1:76th (OO) Rover 100 by Base-Toys. Their not the most detailed models out there, but the Base-Toys vehicles have the advantage of being held together with screws rather than rivets. This makes taking them apart to work on so much easier. Oxford Diecasts do this as well, and the Corgi Trackside cars I picked up this week, it makes modding them so much easier.

It screws apart easily

See what I mean.

The interior with seats removed and roll bar added

The first job was the interior. Like any racing car the Rover would have had its interior stripped out and a roll cage added. Seats were removed with a saw, though the driver’s was glued back in after having masking tape seatbelts added. In future I’ll use a Sharpie to make the tape black before doing this. The roll cage was made from solder, bent to shape and super-glued down. After this picture was taken I added some more detail, a gear lever and fire extinguisher. Looking at my pictures from the banger racing I should have added a fuel tank. Another thing to remember for next time.

After painting

Before painting I took my rotary tool to the body to remove details like the radiator grille and door handles and also to gouge a few dents and pre-existing bangs. I forgot to take a picture before painting the body. Citadel foundation colours were used, red and blue, whilst the wheels got some matt black.

Finished car number 32

My small selection of transfers supplied variations on number 32, so that’s what the car became.

Finished car number 32 Finished car number 32

Ready to rumble. One day I may make a whole race meeting worth of bangers, but for now this one can be yours.

Mending Time

Mending Time, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

The first of a series I’m going to call Strange Little World, which will place models and toy soldiers in odd places.

Mending Time gallery