Modelling transfers

White vans, man. Transfers for OO light commercial vehicles

White vans

There are quite a few 1:76th scale vans available for the railway modeller these days. But do you want the ones on your layout to have the same business names as everyone else’s?

This set of six liveries is available for smaller vans- as shown on the Escort van, but they should also fit Vivas and other little vans- or Transit size. Alternatively, I can create bespoke transfers for six different companies on your layout. The basic set costs £2.50, custom sets are £20.

New Spinneyworld product – Graffiti transfers

Love it or hate it, graffiti is everywhere. So any modern image layout would be incomplete without some.

Stencil art is a recent innovation in graffiti, using templates cut out of card to give sharp edges and repeatable icons. This set contains 13 stencil designs, each one repeated 12 times so the taggers can leave them all over town. They’re printed on clear transfer paper so they can be laid over any background. They will suit OO gauge as large stencils or O as smaller ones.

OO gauge number plate transfers.

These sheets of transfers have number plates for 160 vehicles on them. Even better, you can specify where in the UK you want them to be for. Tell me the area your layout is in, or specify two two letter area codes (AO and RM are Cumbrian, for instance), and I will customise the sheet to suit. For the 1963-72 plates you’ll also need to specify the letter suffix for the year. Each sheet costs £5 plus postage.