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  • 1:350th Cigarette boat models

  • Action cameras for car and bike models

  • JDM/Race car door mirrors 1:24th scale

  • Vintage mirrors for 1:24th scale cars

  • 1:24th/1:32nd scale Racing Fuel Tank

  • 28mm Bus Shelters

  • Interior details for race and drift cars

  • Buy my bins! (For 28mm wargames. Not full size bins.)

  • Christmas is coming!

    Gift-giving time is almost upon us, so, I would like to point you to the places you can buy Spinneyhead stuff.

    Obviously, you can buy my books, or Garth’s, but they’re exclusively digital. Buy them as a treat for yourself.

    If you want physical presents to give away, there are a few places you can go.

    I have a store hosted by Zibbet, where you can buy cards, buttons, badges and cufflinks made from coins, odd, naughty boxes, and vintage items.

    I’m selling antique postcards on Delcampe, as well as stamps, slides and other interesting stuff.

    A selection of my photos are available as prints from DeviantArt or Redbubble.

    You can get 3D prints of stuff I’ve designed from Shapeways. It’s mostly model rail related stuff, but I’m going to be adding new designs as soon as possible.

    I may have forgotten some of the places you can get my stuff, I have tried out all sorts over the years, but these are the main ones I use at the moment.

  • Little pieces of plastic that make me very happy

    Little pieces of plastic that make me very happy

    These arrived today, and I am very pleased with them. They’re the latest test prints of my first set of modern image bikes for model railways. The larger bikes are O gauge (1:43rd), and look to be ready for market. You can order them from the Spinneyworld shop, with the first full scale print late this month or early next.

    The smaller bikes are OO (1:76th). At that size, the handle bars and pedals were too fine to print (I had to fatten them up for the O gauge ones). The question is, would people buy them if they need to fashion their own handle bars? I could make them in etched brass, but that could be expensive, or make them from wire, a little labour intensive. But I’m selling to resourceful folk, maybe I can rely on them to do a bit of the work.

    Modellers, what do you think?