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I'm your stalker too

I'm your stalker 2

Okay, I didn’t make the text that much bigger in this one, but the derangedness is more obvious and it’s laid out differently. Which design appeals more?

I may yet change my mind again. The problem is that I’ve got far too many fonts and too many ways to distort and modify them.

Update You can buy “I’m Your Stalker” T-shirts at my shop on Cafe Press.

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The Male Pill

The BBC is reporting that scientist has discovered the necessary chemicals to stop men ejaculating sperm. apparently, the man’s fertility will return within a few days after he stops taking it.

UPDATE: Don’t forget, Ian’s brand of contraception is available from the Cafe Press Store, entitled “Must Not Mention Sheep”

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Where's Johnny?

I forgot to mention a couple of things when I wrote about Spinneyhead’s Tail. First up, the “Johnny Ain’t Here” Cafe Press shop. Dedicated to tracking down errant Johnnys wherever they may be. If you see Spinneyhead’s favourite Johnny anywhere please drop me a line. In fact, it might be time to start looking for him again.

Then there’s Frightened to Death by Fairies. Not much in there at the moment, just a remix of Michael Caine’s finest moment and fluttery winged short ladies, but I’m thinking of doing a few more images at some point.

This has been a public disservice announcement. Thank You.

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Spinneyhead's short tail

I mentioned my long tail plans for Spinneyhead in an earlier post. If you look in the right hand column you’ll see links to all the places that sell my products, but I think a quick rundown here is in order.

There’s the shop, of course, though it doesn’t list everything.

Small Scale Customs sells products for modellers, particularly of vehicles in 1:72nd/1:76th scale.

Discontinuous Infill is an e-zine I did a couple of years ago.

The Spinneyhead store at Cafe Press stocks the infamous “Must not mention sheep” T-shirt and more. The Home Roasting Cafe Press store makes fun of Starbucks and all the anti piracy hysteria from the record and movie industries.

My Renderosity store stocks stuff I’ve made for 3d and 2d computer art. At present the only product is a set of backgrounds for renders. At 1600×1200 pixels I’m sure some of the pictures would make good desktops. You’ll need to be a member (free) to buy.

The Deviantart store sells prints, mousemats and postcards of some of my art.

And of course, I’m producing new stuff all the time. There’s another set of backgrounds waiting to be zipped up and uploaded to Renderosity and more products planned for Small Scale Customs.

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Bailing out

I had too many other things to be angry about yesterday to comment on the US election. It seems half that country really wants to keep the guy who’s bankrupting them. Oh well. The dollar remains low, $1.84445 to the pound when I just checked, so I have a proposal for us Brits.

The low dollar means cool bargains from across the pond. Buy stuff from my Cafe Press shop– you’ll get cheap gear and you’ll help the US’ balance of payments.

After all, they’ve voted the monkey in for another four years, they need all the help they can get.

Perfect Ladies

I managed to get the Perfect Sex Toy logo transferred. For now it exists on the “Jr. Raglan” for the laydeez. It’s also available in pink/white and black/white.

I can and will resize the logo for any of the other Cafe Press products (except the dog T-shirt or any of the kiddie items). Putting it on an extra large T shirt for “sleeping” in has already been suggested, so I might sort that out later today. I’m not a premium member, but anyone ordering the T shirt in those colours is never going to get a chance to prove the claim. I think I’m also restricted to one version of each product, so the white T, baby doll, boxers and thong may be out of the question as well.

So very, very wrong

A tricky one to size properly, but I might be able to get it to fit on a Cafe Press thong.

On the front, probably even more ornate and with roses and stuff, or maybe a gate or open door image from the same royalty free source as the lock.

On the back.

Like I said, very, very wrong. It’s sort of like T Shirt Hell meets Upstairs Downstairs. The whole concept of the “Tradesman’s Entrance”, complete with entendre, is so very English. Even if no-one else likes this I may create it anyway.

Management Made Easy

We were brainstorming new Cafe Press-able merchandise in the pub last night. (When I say brainstorming I mean getting a little tipsy and practising word association.) I’m going to rough up a few in Illustrator and put them up as they’re finished. Feedback would be appreciated.

Possibly with a ‘Management Made Easy’ type image on the front.

I’ve also dug up a load of old images from the pre-photo album days and transferred them across. Specifically, there’s now a Team Spinneyhead In Camera section and a few other pictures in Other Pictures.

People Power

After trying to lumber us all with ridiculous, robber baron-ish Terms of Service a couple of weeks ago the good people at Cafe Press must have haemorrhaged store owners, because they’ve re-written the ToS to take out the contentious clauses.

I haven’t read the full document yet, because it was playing silly buggers, but it’s here.

Maybe I’ll re-open my store with them.


For local people

Well, the Spinneyhead shop at Cafe Press has closed, as I’m certain that I’d end up paying the monthly fee because of low sales. Shame. Now I will have to go ahead and sell merchandise straight from the site, I guess. As I commented in a reply earlier-

As it was- when I started it- free to maintain, I set [the Cafe Press shop] up with an eye to the future. It was another way to draw attention to Spinneyhead and ensure there’d be a ready pool of merchandise when we hit critical mass and people wanted tchotchkes.

I guess Cafe Press have discovered they’ve got so many low volume shops being created that their server and traffic costs have rocketed and this is their way of trimming or fleecing what they consider to be dead wood.

Small Print

Yeep! The Monitor Duty guys’ reading of the new Cafe Press terms of service is very worrying. It seems they want to fine underperforming stores and make a copyright grab on all the stuff that’s been uploaded to their servers. I’m going to go through the ToS later and see if I read it that way as well. Then maybe I’ll go looking for alternatives.
(BTW the spinneyhead store at Cafe Press is here. I might as well plug it whilst it’s still in operation.)


Yes, I did it again and went and redesigned the front page. The switch to left hand drive was accidental (I was playing with tables to fit in the new logo and finding that it just wouldn’t work in Explorer, Navigator or Mozilla but was wrong in a different way in each of them. I slipped when I was putting everything back and voila.)

There’s now a Spinneyhead Cafepress shopwith-

Smaller ones are MORE JUICY baby doll Tshirt

and Boxers

and, because I love the new lock logo and really wanted to put it on something