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Dear sir or madam, would you read my book? It took me years to write, would you take a look

Dear sir or madam, would you read my book? It took me years to write, won't you take a look

Eleven copies of Sounds of Soldiers arrived on Wednesday. I am a paperback writer. The copy on the back cover is much too big- I’ll do a revision to change that at some point- but I’m happy with the rest of the package. You can buy the paperback from or you can get a signed copy direct from me for the same price. See the ordering details below. Most of this batch is earmarked already, so I’m initially only offering two. Be quick if you want your signed copy. (More signed copies will be available in the future, never fear.)

The Sounds of Soldiers cover competition is cancelled

Due to poor take up the competition to win the original cover art from Sounds of Soldiers has been cancelled. I shall be using the artwork to generate publicity in other ways, if I can, but this one just wasn’t working.

You can buy Sounds of Soldiers as a paperback or pdf download from or for Amazon’s Kindle ebook reader from Amazon UK or Amazon US.

Press release: Manchester author creates a dark Green future for the city

Manchester based author Ian Pattinson imagines a Green future for Manchester after a cataclysmic war rips apart Europe and destroys the United States in Sounds of Soldiers. Returning to the city after five years on the continent reporting on the war, Robert Jones sets out to reconnect with friends and family and find out how life has changed away from the front line. Presented as a travelogue with flashbacks to the war, Robert finds recycling projects, a new sense of community and shadows and ghosts reaching across the Channel for him.

The novella was written as a reaction to the narrow focus of technothrillers and the overblown rhetoric coming from the United States since the 2008 election. “There are a lot of books which create ludicrous wars to make a, usually rightwing, political point. They always concentrate on the politicians and military personnel, the USA always wins and everything returns to normal afterwards. I used
to read a lot of them, but they often left me unsatisfied. I wanted to create a story which looked at the effect on civilians, where there was an aftermath and where the USA didn’t win. Some of the wilder commentary coming out of the States before and since the election of Barack Obama gave me a basis for the war- what if a US government believed some of this stuff and went overboard in reacting to it?”

Sounds of Soldiers is available as a paperback and ebook and can be purchased online at Amazon. Details of all the formats it is available in can be found at

High resolution copies of the book cover image can be found at

Where to buy books by Ian Pattinson

I’ve realised I’m slacking off from my self-promotional duties and some of you don’t know about all the products I have out there which you can buy. So I’m going to do a few posts telling you about the many cool things you can buy which will also support Spinneyhead. Let’s start with books.

Sounds of Soldiers, So Much To Answer For and Global Weirding are available in print through my store at If you have a Kindle e-book reader (or computer, iPod,iPhone or iPad with the Kindle software), you can buy all three novellas, and some short stories, as Post and Publish.

Ruby Red is available as a download through Lulu or for the Kindle.

When you buy any of these books, or if you’ve already sampled them, please leave a rating on the relevant site to tell others how much you enjoyed them. Thanks.

Memory – now available on dvd

A dvd of Memory is now available through Lulu. Get all five episodes, the trailer, outtakes and a slideshow.

Rob may be turning into a machine, side effects from the revolutionary cancer treatment he’s undergoing. He turns to the only person he feels he can trust- Hannah, the daughter of his long dead business partner.

With help from her friend George she looks into the legal and philosophical implications, until she starts getting mysterious messgaes about her father’s death.

So Much To Answer For

So Much To Answer For is available through Lulu for only £4.25 (plus postage) or £1.25 to download.

Tommy Hill walked back into Manchester on the tail of a thunderstorm, promising easy money and atonement for his former sins. Joe Wilkinson doesn’t want anything to do with his former friend, but it’s not going to work out that way. Once again the Police think he’s involved, and some want revenge for Hill’s escape last time, and there are some dangerous characters who already think he’s Hill’s bag man. Can Joe stay out of jail and alive long enough to keep his name clean? And who is the mystery blonde who wants to buy his art? Originally published as a serial at the Spinneyhead weblog.

Whilst I’m unemployed I’m trying to up my output from at least one new product a month to at least one a week. The next piece of fiction available will probably be Ruby Red, which I’m working on at the moment.