Carbon capture done properly

Scientists in Iceland have managed to turn carbon dioxide emissions to rock, which would make true carbon capture a possibility.

Scientists working at the Hellisheidi geothermal power plant near Reykjavik, Iceland, were able to pump the plant’s carbon dioxide-rich volcanic gases into deep underground basalt formations, mix them with water and chemically solidify the carbon dioxide.When basalt — a volcanic rock that makes up roughly 70 percent of the earth’s surface — is exposed to carbon dioxide and water, a chemical reaction occurs, converting the gas to a chalk-like solid material. Scientists previously thought it wasn’t possible to capture and store carbon this way because earlier studies suggested it could take thousands of years for large amounts of carbon dioxide to be converted to chalk.

Of course, the proper answer is to stop using processes that create carbon dioxide, and move over to renewables. Announcements such as this are likely to be taken up by the pollution industry as a reason for them to keep on dsestroying the planet, on the promise that a technology may come along to undo all their damage. This could be useful in many ways, but this isn’t the silver bullet that’s going to save the world by itself.

The final paragraphs conjure up some interesting visions of geoengineering projects- sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere to bring the balance back down to non climate change levels. It’s the sort of thing I imagined happening in the backstory to the Mongrels series, as the AIs bring the planet back from climate catastrophe to some sort of stability.

Source: Scientists Turn Carbon Dioxide Emissions to Stone | Climate Central

Should we knock down the Mancunian Way?

In 1point1 the future centre of Manchester had been changed by the destruction of a span of the elevated section of the Mancunian Way, with the now impassable remainder of its length converted to a garden in the sky. This was an interesting location at the time, rather than a serious suggestion, but this article about the benefits of removing inner city highways makes me wonder if it could be beneficial.

The world’s longest aircraft is mooning you

At least, that’s what it looks like from the front. From behind, it looks like a hotdog in a bun.

The first Mongrels story- GOD Hunt- started with a wingsuit dive from a blimp. As written, it was a vertical airship, which is an interesting variation on the traditional airship design. An Airlander inspired wing would have been even better.

BBC News – The world's longest aircraft in the making.

New from Garth Owen- 1point1


“There wasn’t an officer over the age of thirty-five in the squad room. There were some old-timers still in uniform, but a generation of law enforcement was in prison or retirement, and the children had taken their places.

Barker’s desk was laden with paperbacks, video discs and action figures. His understanding of his job came as much from these as any training he had received. There were rules about custody of evidence, treatment of suspects and general behaviour, but the language, customs and costumes were ripped and mashed up from popular fiction more than any local traditions.”

Barker and his partner Ennis are investigating the death of a young man found shot in a long abandoned building. They have no witnesses, no identification and few leads. Until a DNA test brings back an exact match to another body found two months earlier in another city.

How are the bodies related? And what do they have to do with the mysterious artificial intelligences known as the Patrons and their shadowy enforcers, the Mongrels?

After the Resource wars and ecological collapse, humanity has been saved by the mysterious artificial intelligences known as the Patrons. Facing open hostility and violence, the Patrons have recruited human enforcers. Part human, part machine, the Mongrels keep the peace and do their Patrons’ dirty work.

The new novella by Garth Owen- 1point1, is now available.

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Mongrels mini comic 1

Mongrels mini comic 1, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Part one of Who Let The GODs Out? Originally drawn for mobile phones, now available as colour mini comics. You can buy a copy at Zibbet or order one direct-

Where are the girls?

Where are the girls?, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

I ink pages in two stages. Weapons, hardware etc. is done with technical pens, characters and more organic shapes with a dip pen. This is the second page of episode 5 of Mongrels- Who let the GODs out? after Rotrings but before nibs.