Shall We Take A Trip?

Shall We Take A Trip? is now available

Shall We Take A Trip? Front Cover 6"x9"

This is the revised cover for Shall We Take A Trip?, now available in 6 by 9 inch format at a sensible price. You can buy a printed version or a downloadable one from the Mary Tales shop at Lulu.

Be warned, this new comic, and everything else in that shop is sexually explicit. I call it erotica, you may think of it as porn. It’s one of those judgement calls where two people can look at the same thing and have completely different reactions. I may redesign the cover again for distribution through Amazon and others, but for now I’m going to go and work on a comic more suited to all ages.

Shall We Take A Trip? covered and uploading

Shall We Tak A Trip? is uploading to Lulu right now,despite a number of false starts getting a pdf together. After the contents are properly transferred it shall be time to send the covers. This is the front cover-

Shall We Take A Trip? Front Cover

It’s a variation on one of the original ideas for the cover, with just a tape instead of the other music formats. This is a tweaked photo. Probably the main problem with it is that it doesn’t give any hint of what sort of story is inside.

Shall We Take A Trip? Back Cover

This is the back cover. I’s more obvious from this what the story is about. I may yet flip the covers so this is the front.

Update I had planned to sell this book through Lulu as an A5 size publication. However, I’ve just discovered the cost for printing that size is exorbitant, so I’m going to resize everything to 6″ by 9″. So that’s another few days work. I may do another cover as well whilst I’m about it.

And it’s raining.

And my ulcer’s been playing up for the last few days.

Excuse me whilst I go away and swear a bit.

Creative Commons License
Shall We Take A Trip? by Ian Pattinson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

Pick the cover design for Shall We Take A Trip?

I have two designs in mind for the first issue of Shall We Take A Trip?. I’ve done some roughs and I’d like to hear what people think.

Shall We Take A Trip? cover rough 1

Version 1. As the story is partly about nostalgia and takes place on the set of a movie set in the ’90s this cover is meant to show the progress from then to now. From home made compilation tape to home made compilation cd to carrying your music around digitally. The bottom image may become a generic mp3 player.

Shall We Take A Trip? cover rough

Version 2. This is a black and white rough. The final version will be in colour. I may even do it as a photo. The elements are taken from the book’s first sex scene. In fact, I think everything’s there apart from the copulating couple. As the comic’s all about sex it’s more honest about the insides than version 1.

Fonts and type colours are open for change, obviously. The ones used are there to give an idea of text placement.

So, which one’s your favourite? Which one do you think will sell better? Any ideas for improvements/ better designs?