A little Sunday morning Photoshop- Nothing of value inside…

Nothing Of Value Inside

Number 10 door from the official 10 Downing Street Flickr account. Used, as far as I can tell, within the rights assigned to the photo. ‘Nothing of value….’ sign photographed by me yesterday*.

*On what used to be Walkabout, on Quay Street. I don’t think I ever went in, but I did photograph racists forming up for a march outside it.

You can share larger versions from Flickr, if you’d like.

Petition to Insist Amazon Pay the UK Its Fair Share of Taxes

This presents a conundrum for me. I sell Kindle books through Amazon and, when I start making enough money from them, I shall pay tax on that income. Meanwhile, the company plays all sorts of games to make sure it pays the bare minimum tax.

I think Amazon should pay a fair amount of tax on the trade it does in this country, so I’ll be signing the petition. But I won’t be boycotting them. I hardly ever buy anything through Amazon at the moment, so the only boycott I could do would be removal of my own books from them, and that would hurt me, and the British economy, more than it would hurt them. If you want to join the boycott, please remember that my books can also be purchased from Smashwords and other sites.

Insist Amazon Pay the UK Its Fair Share of Taxes – The Petition Site.

Charidee 1

So George Osborne has gone and called off another planned tax, scrapping the tax relief limit on charity. I wonder if stuff like the “pasty tax” and such are smoke screens, distractions from really bad policies.

I’m not in the position to write off charitable donations against tax, but just for a moment let’s pretend I am so I can pose a question. If I wanted to make a double whammy of my tax relief, which would be the best charities to really piss off the Government? What charities, if any, exist primarily to campaign against the sort of abuse of power Governments- and they’re rich and corporate friends- are prone to?

Suggestions, for when I am rich enough, in the comments please.

A little bit of civil disobedience makes everything better

A little bit of civil dsobedience makes everything better, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Because I’m crap I’ve left my Christmas shopping until today. You’ll be glad to know I wasn’t planning to shop in any of the places targetted by tax protesters anyway.

Maybe I shall take photos of the Police taking photos of the protesters.