The Hard Decisions, parts 2 & 3

Hard decision part 1 was moving my ISP, which wasn’t that hard a decision at all really.

Hard decision 3 was getting rid of my fancy expensive mountain bike that sits in the corner of the kitchen and rarely gets ridden because I’m so scared of breaking it. I just took it to Bike Doc and hopefully they’ll give me part-ex on a lighter hardtail that I can take for long back country treks. (I know there’s precious little back country around Manchester, but that’s what the train is for.) To be honest the Giant was a bit of a rebound bike, something I bought in an attempt to get over the hurt of having all my bikes nicked whilst I was in Surrey. It was pure lust at first sight and the relationship never really flourished the way it should.

Hard decision 2 was to have been quitting my course, but the closer I came to doing it the harder it became and the more obvious that it was actually a bad decision.

And as if all this deciding stuff wasn’t exhausting enough, Bad Clanger has developed another habit.


Back during BeerFest Nas tried to convince me of the genius of SpongeBob SquarePants, proclaiming it the greatest cartoon series of all time. She is young and thus innocent of the greats. She probably doesn’t even know the beauty (and subsequent depravity) of The Clangers.

Anyway, enough of my old man mutterings. She will probably be ecstatic to know there’s a SpongeBob movie on the way. I know that Groc was.

On the subject of Bad Clanger, I thought he might be in need of a little excursion, so took him along to my birthday meal yesterday. Predictably, things went horribly wrong.