Glenn Beck

There’s crazy, there’s stupid and there’s pompous. And then there’s Glenn Beck 1

Yes, the Obama administration want to kill Glenn Beck. In Glenn Beck’s head. There’s a reason I have a category called American Idiots.

Point of Contact shall feature a character called Ben Glock (unless I change my mind and use the man himself because no parody could be as extremely stupid as he is), who will look like a balloon on a stick propped inside a bad suit and saying the dumbest things possible whilst thinking he’s being clever.

The American Right are revolting!

That’s revolting as in disgusting, nauseating and horrific. They think they mean revolting as in starting a revolution but, as usual, they’re wrong.

Sounds of Soldiers was based upon the premise that McCain/Palin stole the 2008 election then McCain keeled over and left the mad woman to play out her apocalypse fantasy with the world’s biggest military machine. Glenn Beck’s wet dreams, if realised, could plausibly lead to the same catastrophe.