Start shopping now for Valentine’s

Okay, it’s too late to get any last minute Christmas presents, but you could always plan ahead. I’m now selling prints through Qoop, such as Deep, Deep Blue below. Click on the image to go to its selling page, check out all the other images in my store.

I’m putting stuff into my Zibbet shop. I say buy now for Valentine’s because, if you’re as dirty minded as I, stuff like the indecent proposal ring is just the sort of thing you want to be getting for your significant other. Coming in the new year will be chainring clocks (I finally found the right backing board, I just hope it’s still in stock when I go to buy it) and other cycle related products.

Bitter Sweets

With thanks to Comosa, who responded to one of last night’s tweets. Yes, they do make anti Love Hearts – Bitter Sweets.

For most, there is no crueler day of the calendar year than that of Valentine’s Day. While a tiny fraction of the population can look forward to a holiday of wine and roses, poetry and song, the vast majority of us can anticipate a day of nausea and grimacing, trauma and grief. A day in which minutes seem like hours, and hours like days, as we reflect sorrowfully on yesteryear’s romantic indignities, today’s loneliness, and the unknowable but certain heartbreak that will be visited upon us repeatedly in the years to come.

When cruelty and holidays collide, the weak-willed find solace in self-pity and comfort foods. And now, Despair Inc. is pleased to announce that we’ve combined BOTH into a radical new offering.

Introducing Bittersweets – The Valentine’s Candy for the Rest of Us.

I have a very secret Valentine

I found this on the pavement. I guess someone isn’t getting their soppy message. The card reads-
This is a very special gift
That you can never see
The reason it’s so special is
It’s just for you from me
Whenever you are lonely
Or even feeling blue
You only have to hold this gift
And know I think of you
You never can unwrap it
Please leave the ribbon tied
Just hold the box close to your heart
It’s filled with love inside. XX

Be Your Own Valentine

New at Etsy, two Be Your Own Valentine cards. The outside is simple enough-

But open it to reveal one of these two images-

They can be read either way- sex positive celebration of being single or “I’m really not that into you, try this.” Order them now to get them in time for Valentine’s Day.

Update A variation on the design is now available on Cafe Press. It’s available individually, in a 10 pack or in a 20 pack.

Further update Someone at CafePress thinks vibrators may be against their Questionable Material & Prohibited Content Guidelines and those cards aren’t available until they make a decision.

Black roses and a special T-shirt

You may have been too late for Valentine’s Day, but you can still show your goth you care.

All manner of hearty products are available at

Leisure Suit Larry TNG

Remember Leisure Suit Larry? The aim of the game was to get the pixellated hero laid in an old school Monkey Island style adventure. The security/ age restraint was cool- it asked you general knowledge questions of various vintages to ascertain how much you knew and thus how old you were.

Now there’s Singles: Flirt Up Your Life, a similar premise, but with improved graphics and less linear Sim-ish gameplay.

The Press release, just in case the Sun sticks the story behind a registration barrier. And isn’t that sweet? The game’s going to be released the day before Valentine’s.

[EDIT] LLL’s coming back this year as well, with Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude

Oops, I missed yesterday’s update. Went to see Dr. Strangelove instead- “You can’t fight here! This is the War Room!”
Page Eight and Page Nine of Bulletproof Poets.
I should really go out for a training ride- it isn’t raining- but the apathy has got me again (and all my cycling gear has just come out of the wash. I don’t feel right biking in ordinary clothes any more, perhaps I’m developing a thing for those sexy tights!) I spent too much of yesterday surfing. My new favourite site is Brunching Shuttlecocks. I’m joining the Oral Sex Donation System just for Valentine’s Day (unless it’s successful).
Anyway. I’ve said too much. I’m off to Bike Doctor to get more kinky cycling gear.
Mmmmm, Lycra.