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Mentioning Midnight Club in the last post reminded me to go and find out when the next edition of the franchise is due. Midnight Club: Los Angeles is due out on March 28th (it’s also available for the PS3).

Due a month after that is Grand Theft Auto IV (again, also available for PS3, or in Special Edition packaging).

Both are products of Rockstar Games, a company not known for its socially responsible game play. One of the great joys of Midnight Club is causing mayhem and destruction amongst the humdrum commuters who get in your way. The gangster’s rise storylines of the GTA franchise are wonderfuly immoral as well. State of Emergency for the PS2, a ‘riot sim’ as one reviewer puts it, was an entertaining exercise in destruction and multiple on screen characters, but incredibly shallow for long term gameplay compared to its big brother. I had a few hours fun smashing and burning and ‘sploding until someone went and traded it in. Manhunt 2 went so far over the top that it was banned in this country until recently and I atill can’t find a listing for it on Amazon.

All of which pedigree makes it a little odd to find- nestled between the violence, gunplay and speed of the Rockstar oeuvre- Table Tennis (also available for the Wii). It just seems wrong, like finding a Hello Kitty doll in a box of hand grenades.

Wacom Cintiq 12WX Interactive Pen Display

I love my little graphics tablet, which makes drawing on screen so much easier than using a mouse. But it’s still not a perfect replacement for the experience of dragging a line across paper, or- in my current comics project- tracing paper. Which is where the Wacom Cintiq comes in, if you’re rich enough. Full size Cintiqs go for over £2,000. You’d have to be a mad keen amateur or a professional to splash out on one of those. So, to get (slightly) poorer people hooked, Wacom have introduced the Cintiq 12WX Interactive Pen Display. Amazon has them fot £839. Needless to say, I’m adding one to my wish list.

You know you want one (and if you don't, can you send it to me instead?)

I’m not quite rich, or enthusiastic, enough to have queued for a Playstation 3 last night, but obviously I wouldn’t refuse one if offered.

On the other hand, I can wait. The flagship Playstation game is probably Gran Turismo, and Gran Turismo 5 isn’t coming out until next year. The other must-have game, Grand Theft Auto 4, is coming out sooner but is going to be available for the XBox 360 as well.

In fact, if you can’t stretch to a PS3, I will take an XBox 360, particularly if you can throw in Project Gotham 3 and a few other games.

I want my PS3

We have to wait until next March to get the Platstation 3 (well, you do. I have to wait longer because I doubt I’ll have the money, and may lack the inclination, next Easter.) In America, some people are already taking sledgehammers to theirs. (Smashmyps3.com promise a better version of the video soon. They’re probably responding to the mountain of death threats they’ll have received.)

You can pre-order Grand Theft Auto IV, and then wait almost a year for it. It’ll probably be worth it, though.

And don’t forget Gran Turismo HD, which is available sooner.

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If you're looking for my birthday present……..

Taschen produce loads of great books, thick volumes loaded with pictures and multilingual commentary. If you’d like to buy me a birthday present you could do worse than one of the volumes from their History of Men’s Magazines series. The Amazon link to the left is for volume 6: The Seventies under the counter. From Taschen’s bumpf about the series-

Open your notebooks, sharpen your pencils, and get ready for a history lesson like none you’ve ever experienced. You’re about to learn everything you could ever want to know about the world history of men’s magazines- not magazines about sports, not fashion, not hunting or fishing or how to build a birdhouse in ten easy steps, but those titillating periodicals embracing the subject dearest to all heterosexual men’s hearts and other body parts: the undraped female form. Former men’s magazine editor Dian Hanson traces its development from 1900 to 1980 in six massive and informative volumes.

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I want to build my bicycle

I’m telling you, I need a shed, or a workshop or garage, somewhere I could make something like the Groundhugger XR2. Clare has fibre-glassing experience and I’m fairly good with the tools. And then we could tackle some of the other build-it-yourself projects from this site. I think a one man sub would be cool.

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Playstation Portable- you know you want one

I certainly do. I had the chance to play with a PSP yesterday at the Urban X event in Piccadilly. The screen’s very hard to see in direct sunlight, but the rest of the package is fine. The fact that it, obviously, uses the expensive Sony memory sticks is a bit of a drawback and the UMD disks aren’t yet available as recordables (for transferring your own movies to, how dare you think I was pondering piracy!). I don’t know how long it would keep that shiney finish with grubby fingers on it all the time, but I guess it would be okay if packed away in its carry case when not in use.

Damian and I were being video’d whilst we played with the PSPs, allegedly for presentation to Sony marketing people, so I mentioned the PSP download of Deputised Experts until they paid attention and asked all about it. Every opportunity for promotion…..

Here’s the deal. I want one and you want one. If enough of you buy yours following a link from Spinneyhead to Amazon then I’ll be able to own one.

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I want to punch George Bush

According to the BBC President Fuckhead stood up at Gleneagles and said “the war on terror goes on”. Guess what? It wouldn’t have to if you and your cronies weren’t such incompetent, arrogant warmongering pricks.

Whilst I’m at it, Blair deserves a slapping as well. His statement is slimy twat for “Oh look, something else I can use to justify identity cards.”

Update Thanks to being linked from some rightwing site or other I’m getting a few visitors who want to lecture me on how wrong I am, so I ought to clarify a little.

I want to punch George Bush on a good day, he just has one of those faces. What drove me to my outburst is two things.

Ever since he started pulling troops out of Afghanistan and lining up the lies about Iraq, Wubble U hasn’t been fighting a war on terror, he’s been conducting one to encourage terrorism. He’s admitted that he wasn’t interested in tracking down Bin Laden. The head of the CIA has said that they know where OBL is, but they’re not going to get him. So standing up and touting the “war on terror” after abandoning it over two years ago is one reason he deserves a slapping.

The other reason is that he’s a callous little fuck. Within hours of a terror attack he was already lining up the dead so he could spit on their graves every time he invokes this bombing to justify another false start in combatting global terror.

So I put down what I felt, as succinctly as possible. Thanks for all the comments. Your presumptions about me, based upon a few sentences, have been amusing.

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