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Garth writes pulpy stories of action and adventure, such as the Mongrels series and the Lost Picture Show tales.



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In a climate changed future, Pickers travel the badlands between towns and farms, finding what they can to salvage from before the collapse.One family of Pickers is about to start a search for a prize that could change everything.

Part 1 of 4- The Find

Remy, his daughters, and his son in law, are on the hunt for a seed bank, hidden away before climate change crashed everything. The trail has led them to a hidden bunker, and what they find inside is going to set them on a long journey, back to the community they ran away from ten years ago.

Part 2 of 4- The Trip

Remy, his daughters, and his son in law, have been travelling the badlands for years. But now they have found out about a hidden seed bank in the French Alps. With a grain blight ravaging crops in France, the seed bank could be the only hope of finding resistant strains and saving the country’s remaining towns from starvation.

Remy, Maxine, Veronique and Tony are determined to break into the vault and liberate the seed lines. However, they are in Spain, and they will have to cross the country and get over the Pyrenees before they’re even in France. And then, there is another obstacle. Only one valley over from their destination is the community they ran away from ten years earlier. The people of The Valley would be ideal recipients for a bounty of seeds, but will they welcome Remy and his family back after all these years.

Part 3 of 4- The Valley

Remy and his family have made it back to The Valley, which they left ten years before. Now they have to persuade the town- led by Remy’s brother Julien- to give them the resources they need for their expedition to the seed vault.

But there are problems. Raiders block the best route to the vault, and not everyone is happy to see them back after all these years.

Part 4 of 4- The Pick

With the help of the team who call themselves the Scouts, the Pickers are on the way to their prize.

It’s a long trek, but worth it. Whet they find is even greater than they had expected. But getting their finds back to The Valley is going to be a hard job. There’s going to be one last, hard, running fight to break a Raider blockade.

The action finale to The Pickers serial is here!

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Reviews of films, books and games from the archives of the long-running Spinneyhead weblog.

Ian Pattinson- and his pulp fiction alter ego, Garth Owen- has been reviewing all sorts of entertainment for years. Short and sharp, and occasionally silly, the reviews cover everything from Summer blockbusters to grindhouse obscurities, this collection has a bit of everything.

This is a continually evolving book, with more reviews being added all the time.

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On an abandoned space station built into a hollowed out asteroid, the old woman has raised The Boy and created massive books from data gathered across a multitude of worlds. But now it is time for a mysterious visitor to take The Boy and the books away, if her own past doesn’t catch up with her first.

A short story from an abandoned world reached through the Lesser Universe.

The Lesser Universe is a parallel dimension of strange physics and barely understood dangers. But spacefarers have risked their lives in it for centuries, because it offers them a short cut between stars. Intrigue, wars, treachery, and even romance, happen on the many worlds the Lesser Universe has opened up to humanity, and sometimes slide into the strange domain itself.

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