Sounds of Soldiers


What happens after America's culture war becomes a real conflict?

Available from Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo.


Available from Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo.

What happens after America’s culture war becomes a real conflict?

When an egotistical US President started a bizarre guerrilla war against the Muslim citizens of Europe, it quickly escalated into confrontations across the continent. Paris was flattened, nuclear explosions lit up the Mediterranean, and US soldiers fought the locals in Germany and France. Then, in a long, slow conflict, the United States destroyed itself fighting imaginary enemies, within and without its borders.

Robert Jones was there through it all, reporting on it, and occasionally participating.

Now, he’s home.

How can a man who witnessed some of the most important events of recent history adapt to peace? Reconnecting with friends and family, Robert investigates a newly green Manchester and finds out about life away from the war zone.

But there are still some ghosts and secrets from his time on the continent which are ready to come back and shake up Robert’s new peaceful life.

Combining a travelogue through a changed society with flashbacks to the long, crazy war in Europe, Sounds of Soldiers looks at the fallout from military fantasies gone wrong.

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