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Britain Turns To Crime

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crime-200Take a trip through British crime, with eight great independent crime writers. From cosy to gritty, country house to council estate and Victorian Bradford to near-future London, there’s something for everyone.

A Novel Way To DieLynda Wilcox

When Verity Long’s boss invites her to a crime writers’ workshop, she expects a relaxing stay at a country house hotel.

But there’s a real body in the library, and plenty of writers around, all capable of plotting the perfect murder. Verity must use all her sleuthing skills to solve the case before the police step in and arrest the wrong person.

The Bite CaféJ.A.Armitage

Emma doesn’t know a Singapore Sling from a Long Island Iced Tea. But she volunteers to take over her sister’s bar after an accident. The Bite Café is not all it seems, and when there’s a murder right outside the bar, Emma has to solve the mystery before she loses all her customers.

Three Years DeadA.D. Davies

Attempting to rebuild his life, Martin takes up the case of a missing male prostitute, forcing him back into the run-down estates awash with temptations he must resist if he is to find the answers he craves.

SnarlCelina Grace

Detective Sergeant Kate Redman is back at work after a long sick leave. The stakes are high when a multiple murder scene is discovered and a violent activist is implicated in the crime. Kate and the team must put their lives on the line to expose the murderer and untangle the snarl of accusations, suspicions and motives.

The BleakKeith Dixon

Sam Dyke’s new client is watching her boss fall apart, and she can’t bear it.

He soon discovers that it’s not the pressures of work that are getting to her boss. It’s his colleagues, and their leader, whose personal philosophy is taking him towards a calamitous event that will destroy the lives of hundreds of people.

Dyke sets out to foil this madman. A course that endangers him, his new partner, and anyone else who gets in the way of the doomsday plan.

SolsticeIan Pattinson

Maria wants to find her cousin, who has disappeared after being put into a children’s home run by a company called Vantage.

Tomas wants to find out who Vantage are bribing to get all their contracts.

Kay Wood has landed her first murder case- a body in the Irwell with a strange symbol carved into his chest.

Irwin Baker has been asked to help with Kay’s investigation.

It’s going to be a very long day for all of them.

Devil Gate DawnTim Walker

In 2026, Britain is in chaos. Democracy has collapsed due to voter apathy. In America, President Trump has built his wall and has created Fortress USA.

Enter George, survivor of a pub bombing, who finds himself drawn into the hunt for a terrorist group. George and girlfriend Sunny join a deadly game of cat-and-mouse between police and terrorists, culminating in a stand-off at Devil Gate Dawn.

Who Killed Little Johnny Gill?Kathryn McMaster

One foggy morning, just after Christmas, John Gill’s mother waves off her son, not knowing it will be the last time she sees him. He’s found dead early on Saturday morning, his wounds eerily similar to the murders of Jack the Ripper. Was he killed by the Ripper? Clues involving Masonic rituals point to the possibility that he was. And yet, William Barrett was the last one to see Johnny, and he isn’t saying much.

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Britain Looks To The Future

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Take a trip from the 19th century to the far future, with eight of the best British independent authors of speculative fiction. From Victorian zombies to intergalactic comic capers, near future wars to the hu