One day,Vladimir Putin will die.

And the power struggle between those who would succeed him will be intense. As this article outlines, Putin will likely stay in office until he expires, if only for his own safety. He has built a power structure around him that leaves no clear contender for the throne when he’s gone.

Obviously, we’ll celebrate when Putin dies, but we should also be worried about what comes after him.

James Cleverley doesn’t live up to his name (part 3452)

The Home Secretary wants to make it harder to hold a demonstration, calling for longer notice periods for larger marches. He wants a quick response to government failure or international outrage to be impossible.

He also said that he didn’t think there should be any more marches against the genocide in Gaza, as they’ve ‘made their point’. Which is a stupid argument. As long as civilians are being bombed and starved- and this country isn’t doing anything to stop it- the point hasn’t got through, and needs to be made over and over again.

On yer Ebike

If I was in a permanent job, rather than working as agency staff, I would long ago have got myself an ebike through the Cycle to Work scheme. I may have ridden through most of the winter, too, rather than putting of getting back in the saddle for far too long.

Schemes like Cycle to Work may be relatively expensive as ways to cut carbon emissions, but they have many other benefits that more than make up for that. The authors of the article below have considered some of them and looked at ways to increase uptake further.

The age of the electric bubble car

It’s all well and good seeing more electric cars, but when they’re all as overweight as their internal combustion counterparts, the gridlock on the roads won’t go away. What we need are fewer, and smaller, cars on the street.

Which is where cuties like the Micolino and its new, even dinkier, Lite sibling come in. Microcars for the usually short drives that are most common in cities.

More designs like this please. They’ll free up so much space on the streets, and have the added advantage of making everywhere look like an anime.