Swiss museum removes Monet and Vincent van Gogh art over Nazi looting fears   Recently updated !

Another example of how World War 2 still haunts us. Several paintings have been removed from display because of questions about whether their provenance included looting by the Nazis. All well and good, but when you’re dealing with the collection of a man who got rich supplying weapons to the Nazis, you really should have been asking exactly how he acquired every single one eighty years ago, not now.

Being Bellingcat

A few years ago, I was paid to do some (low stakes, very basic) open source intelligence research. The practise still fascinates me, but I’ve never dived in as deeply as I could. Or as thoroughly as Bellingcat, a company that beats established intelligence agencies analyses all the time.

Wired sat down with the company’s founder to discuss AI, being on Russia’s hit list, and the psychological toll of digging up the truth so many don’t want to hear.

Keir Starmer is a coward

It makes sense, though. The push to make the televised leaders’ debates Tory and Labour only comes primarily from Labour. Starmer will barely have to open his mouth if he’s facing Sunak- just let Rishi be Rishi and Tory votes will keep falling.

But throw a Green, or even a Libdem, into the mix, and viewers will be reminded how far Starmer is from what the country really needs. It makes sense for him to chicken out of that.