Movie madness

The move to force broadcasters to show more British films may sound good but you have have to take a look at the state of our movie industry. Whilst not quite dead, I think it’s fair to to say it’s in a persistent vegetative state. If the life support system of the Film Council and it’s lottery funding were switched off it would pass quietly away and frankly I’m not sure if I would miss it. Most of the successful “British” movies are in fact US funded. There are a few noticeable exceptions and things have improved a little since the criticism of lottery funding in 2001 but do we really need more films that no-one wants to watch? The answer to the slew of bad American movies shouldn’t be to force us to watch more bad British movies. Film Four (at one time a promising production company) was shut down due to it’s losses from movies that were part funded by the lottery. They thought that the lottery funding minimised their risks but if no-one wants to see the films you’re still going to lose money, it just takes a little longer for the company to colapase.