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I’m starting a slow process of uncluttering my life. I’m selling off comics and stuff on EBay, I’m going to rip all my CD singles to the hard drive and I might sell them as well, and I’m thinking about getting rid of the television. The last is because I watched a whole two hours of TV this week- The Shield, Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Coupling (if I hadn’t been out last night I would probably have watched Have I Got News For You, but that’s it). It was on for the sake of moving pictures whilst I ate, but that doesn’t really count.
I’ve gone without TV before. In 1998, the portable set I then had fused and I lasted over six months before hiring a replacement set. People thought I was a bit odd and the TV licencing folks couldn’t cope with it, but I got on. I read, I wrote, I surfed. It was quite constructive. This time it would be even easier because there’s a DVD drive in my PC.