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I was told last night that I was one of the few people in the world who deserved to breed. It wasn’t an offer, sadly, but I guess I could consider it a recommendation- “Ian Pattinson: deserves to breed.”

Interested parties please send their portfolios by e-mail, but please bear in mind that it’s been a while and I will need a LOT of practice.

Other oddness-

Brian has had his shiny new car for a month and a half. It’s very nice, a red Toyota Corolla, nice finish, spacious interior. He’s been using it for his commute. His average speed is fourteen miles per hour! Average speed on my bike is twelve!

Emily claims to share her office with a Hobbit, a cgi character and a walking sponge. They just might be putting something in the tea.

Daz keeps leaving fivers outside the front door. I think he’s feeding the scallies.