The States

Funny how this is British blog, but most of the posts relate to the United States friendly, non-combative approach to revenge, err, regime change. Ok. The real post begins.

Apparently I had much to say this morning, but alas, all forgotten. First and most importantly, the 2002 Haggis Hunt is on! If you have seen this elusive beast, you could win a trip to anywhere in the world! Not bad for spotting a squinty eyed platypus looking thing on a distant moor. Not that my brain needs further right/left brain connectivity issues, but this is a good is example of how the grey matter operates.

News flash: George Bush gains further support from the far right for Operation Enduring Oil! Why does everyone loves this man so? He makes me want to move back to America and start spouting phrases such as “Yeeeehawwww” whilst wearing a cowboy hat and a pair of stetsons. I wonder if he has intern groupies yet?

That is all folks. And to the leader of this vile, immoral, right wing website – I will never spell check!