Mia Culpa: not

ok. so you source out resouces to make a task work. Prince2 readers will no doubt find this completely assinine.

Been out in Edinburgh tonight and have noticed hilarity ensues as always. Why is when I dress like a bum people don’t hesitate to give me money?

Change business structure, integrity and incorporate some flat out rules – you end up with Ians worst nightmare! All jokes aside, someone tried to appoint me as a primary business resource only though I have been at the company two months.

The dark overlord, supreme commanfer, number one at helm of this blog will testffy that idiotic corporate notions cannot be met. Hence my fear. I wish I was M. Frost, thus negating the need for something better than sliced bread.

PS to Ians Mother: Good job. I think he is a good ‘un. Mrs.Pattinson I am drunk