Batman: superhero or not?

Ok, the question comes down to this, was/is Batman a superhero? I get the distinct feeling of treading ground thoroughly trampled on before by others. He didn’t have any superpowers and that’s what started it. Since that revelation, I’ve been trying to think of other relatively mainstream superheroes from the major comics such as DC or Marvel. I can’t think of any, the nearest I’ve got so far is the Shadow, but I believe he had some mental abilities. Mind you, on that page I see the statement from Amazon that “[…]Customers who wear clothes also shop for:

Clean Underwear[…]”. I’d generally hope that was the case.

Anyway, whatever Batman was he was cool. Looking around, I see indeed that the ground was thoroughly trampled by others. To the point that some just didn’t get on with Batman at all. Mind you when superheroes get transfered so badly to cartoons, you can’t really them.

I hate cyclists. Having been one in the past (and still hope to be again when I get by bike out), I can see their point in that it’s a cleaner way of transport. But that assumes that the world is full of bicycles, pedestrians and dinghies. Mix cars into that and you end up with 6 cars, billowing out lots of nasty gases due to being stuck in first or second gear behind the cyclist who’s too frightened to pedal downhill around a country lane. Therefore cyclists are bad for the health – they also scratch the paintwork when they bounce off the bonnet.