Calling the poodle.

Amazing. Get up this morning read the Washington Times online and there is an commentary about Mr. Blair and his potential loss of government for sticking with Mr. Bush against his own peoples wishes and European dissent. This coming from an extreme right wing US paper makes for a very interesting read.

Now according to that high-class, intelligent read the Sun, Kylie Minogue is starting up her own lingerie company. Not a bad bet for the girl voting most beautiful backside of 2002. Seeing as the resident Webmaster has a thing for War, I found an interesting article about how one of the most famous hoaxes of WWII may have been solved.

Now I have never played videogames, but pals at seanbaby have put together a list of the top 10 naughtiest video games of all time. Funny how I never ended up with any of these titles at Christmas time.

I remember back in the early 1990s America was worried about the amount of US investment by the Japanese. People were Japanese paranoid, thinking that no american would own any of their own land if things kept going. If anyone can recall, a book in 1992 was published, “Rising Sun”, which highlighted US fears regarding Japan. Hell, it was even made into a motion picture. Well, Well, Well, my how things have changed. Forbes magazine reports the Japanese interest rate fell below 0% over the weekend! Errr, how does an interest rate go into the negative? Hahahahahahahahahaha. What losers the Japanese are.