A Letter to Europe – Especially the UK

Although I have been lacking in links to cool and new websites, things have taken a turn for the worse. Constantly in Edinburgh and across the company I work for, persons have been asking me if the USA represents my beliefs. Well, I guess can dispell the notions; but it becomes very iritating to be a voice-piece for the interpretation of American ideals. Ask not what you have done for your country, but ask why you have done it. I hate to use the allmighty arguement along the lines of comparison, but I do believe if more people had experiences abroad, especialy the economically underpriveldged, understanding and sympathy would be in the air.

Enough of my rant, things will get better post GW. If GW persists in power for another four years it is just a sign of popular discontent with crap econmic and social conditions. After one boom and bust cycle, my retirement might see one more. I hope to be on the good side.