Strange Day

Almost simultaneously (I was downloading my mail when I got the call) my mum called to tell me my old primary school headmaster has died and I got an email from my ex-girlfriend. Two gut punches in quick succession.

The phone call- He only taught me for a few months, but mum worked for him for a few years. He was an interesting guy, a fellow cyclist and a bit of a radical.

The email- she found my book on amazon and went looking for my email. (I’ve just noticed that they spelt my surname wrong, which is annoying. I’m sure it used to be spelt properly on there.) What do you say to someone who broke your heart 8+ years ago? Beyond the obvious, which I’m just too nice to consider. Mum had things to say on the matter, but decided not to in case I quoted her in the blog. We’re going to have to work out some sort of copyright agreement on our conversations- decide which bits are public domain and which are restricted.

On the subject of Another Education, one of the major plot points, students making money as escorts, has become a reality as they try to find any way to stay afloat as they study. (Download the story here)