Heavensent- Chapter 9, Part 7

�Do we have any information from the RADIF?�

�They say there are aeroplanes on a bearing of two- six- five.�

�How many?�

�A lot. They could not say more. The rockets have started landing.�

�Torpedoes will be little use against aircraft no matter how few or how many.� Karn commented.

�There must be some ships to follow that many aeroplanes. Try the spotter plane channels.�

The wing continued toward the approaching air fleet, on a pointless intercept. The Corkscrews flanked the plane, holding back until they knew what the plan was.

�Sir, I have the target ship. They have spotted a convoy of landing ships.�

�Can we get to them without having to go through the planes?�

There was a brief conference between the radio operator and navigator. �Two- three- Oh. Though that may take us through the edge of the air fleet.�

�We will need to be on the deck for the torpedoes anyway.� Karn pointed out.

�We will. Radio, tell the Corkscrews what we are planning. They can come with us or carry on.� Harren began banking and descending before the message was even sent. The Corkscrews followed at height to provide cover.