Alice in Sunderland

Bryan Talbot, one of Britain’s finest artists, has completed a 250 page graphic novel about Lewis Carroll, Alice Liddell and the nature of storytelling. Amazingly, he doesn’t have a publisher for it!
This is the guy who wrote and drew one of the greatest comic stories ever- The Adventures of Luther Arkwright (criminally the full version is unavailable at Amazon, though they do have one of the books Gotterdammerung)- the most borrowed graphic novel from libraries- Tale of One Bad Rat and the gorgeous and intricate Heart of Empire. He’s also contributed to more than his fair share of comics icons.
I highly recommend a potter around and check out the Heart of Empire CD rom, which is rarely more than an arm’s length from the PC and will be heavily referenced for storytelling tips when I sit down to write my Union Jack proposal.
And finally- the man himself is doing a talk at Longsight library in July. I went to see him at Chorlton last February and it was a very informative talk, so I’m up to doing it again.