Towering Flowers

The camera in my phone doesn’t really have the resolution to take this sort of picture, but I quite like the effect.

The Forton services mushroom. This structure was condemned years ago, I don’t think I even ate in it in the 70’s. I was going to find sites full of Forton trivia to link to here, but there’s only this one. In fact, Forton resources are so sparse that an earlier spinneyhead picture is the second result on a search for Forton Services.) One piece of Forton trivia I can pass on- the tower appears in the background of a scene from the excellent The Tale of One Bad Rat by Bryan Talbot.

Any way, I got a better picture, click on the thumbnail to view the full image-

And some pretty flower pictures. As the captions say, I’ll name them if anyone can tell me what they are. I’ll send Mum a message and ask, they are all planted on the grounds of High Trees.

And finally, my one and only picture from the banger racing.