Praise God and pass the Semtex

I may take the piss, but I’m actually really worried by this “Glorification of Terrorism” law. What exactly constitutes glorification?

Basically, I remember enough of the eighties to know that if this law had been around then Maggie would have had hundreds, if not thousands, of people locked up. Blair, Brown, Clarke and any number of the others who championed the bill would likely have been rounded up for their support of the ANC or the Sandinistas or for questioning the shoot- to- kill policy in Northern Ireland.

How long will it be before some documentary about Iraq is pulled because the producers are told their attempt to understand what drives the insurgents is somehow “glorifying” them? How long after that until an author’s career is ruined because they dare to show a freedom fighter in a sympathetic light? What if someone finds that blog post I did about shooting Tony Blair?

I’m not about to change the nature of the stories I’m planning. But I think I should start setting aside some money for a good lawyer for when my time comes. I wonder if I can get Cherie Blair?

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