Heavensent 11.10

“And you set out seven generations later to see where the Seeds went?”

“We set out to track one particular Seed. It had been beaming signals back, weakly, to Earth. Other teams are tracking down other Seeds.”

“You are clones?”

“Yes. And we are augmented with computing power and weaponry. Our ships are far less grand, there is just enough space on each to house two shuttles and our sleep pods.”

“What is your mission?”

“To find out what happened and send a message back. Then to see what we can do to bring a world government, or any sort of civilisation, to the planet’s inhabitants.”

Jayn laughed, harshly and humourlessly. “Do you think peace is a possibility?”

“Not in the near future, no. However the Silver Tower is a religious symbol across most of your cultures. Once its secrets are revealed, peace should be much more likely.”


“You should sleep.”

“There is so much I need to know.”

“In good time. Now, you should sleep.” His touch was light, but it eased her into sleep. He placed a blanket over her and went to find his companions.

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