Heavensent 11.11

“There is claim of a holy man in the city of Reff, and a rebellion on the Plains that should draw attention away from the river.” Aylo passed on the latest intelligence from the quayside.

“We will try to contact him.” Bobb was at the top of the gang plank. “Thank you for the vessel.” A sweep of his hand took in the medium sized river trader. “And the crew.”

“You could have had a full river battleship, and enough crew to man it twice over.”

“This will be enough. We do not want to draw attention to ourselves.”

A horn blew on the bridge. “It is time to go.” Bobb raised the gangplank. Crew members threw off the lines that held the boat against the quayside.

There were few people in the crowd that saw the six strangers and their twenty five volunteer crew off. All made the sign of the Silver Tower.

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