So Much To Answer For- Part 24

“You should just put my number in your phone and call me directly.” Wood told Joe. She had taken his and Rachel’s statements on a digital recorder to save them a trip to the Police station. The scally had been carted off to hospital under armed guard, the gun was bagged and about to be sent for finger printing and the scene of crime officers were discussing removing the bullet from the tree it had hit. Rachel was sat on a wall coming down from her adrenaline high.

“That’s the way rumours get started. Do you know who he is?”

“We have a tentative ID. He was arrested and did time because of Hill’s last deal, the one with…”

“My money, I know.”

“He had a knife with blood on it that might link him to Hill’s killing. And he had a picture of you and your address. We don’t know where he got that from. How do you make so many enemies?”

“Clean living.”

“My…… What I think is he killed Hill.”

“With a knife? Not the gun?”

“He got the gun from Hill, before Sarah got back to him. This is just a theory, mind. He got the gun from Hill after killing him with the knife. And then he came looking for you. Just like so many others he thought you were involved in the deal that went wrong and put him in jail. He could have found the picture of you on your website, I guess.”

“How many more of these guys are there? Just waiting to get out and get even?”

Rachel came over and draped herself over Joe. “I’m starving.”

“Are we done here?”

“I guess so. I’m getting tired of saying it, and it obviously has no effect, but take care. Both of you.”

“We will. Let’s go order Chinese.”


“Okay, curry. But it’s a small room and not very well ventilated.”

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Notes And that wraps it up. A bit of an odd final line, but it might make it into the next draft. This bit clashes a little with Sarah’s description of what happened a few parts back, but we’ll put that down to her being emotional and not keeping track of time so well.

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