In Germany you can rent protesters to wave your banners and shout your slogans.
We may need such a mob as support for civil liberties declines.  There’s obviously a disconnect that means people can’t realise that governments aren’t going to give back freedoms without a fight once this terror fear has dissipated or been revealed to be a sham.,,1997247,00.html
I’m with Sir Ken MacDonald, Director of Public Prosecutions.  I’ve long held that the greatest threat to Western democracy is the sort of politician or pundit who spouts on about threats to Western democracy.  All they do is play to the ego of the sort of "deluded, narcissistic inadequates" who fall for the rhetoric and decide to kill innocent bystanders and lead to the sort of disastrous thinking shown above.  Ken MacDonald is my hero of the day, how long until Blair & Co. try to get him removed for having a grip on reality?

I might see if I can find the full text of his statement and post it.
The rabbit test.  In the beginning the rabbit always died, whether you were pregnant or not.
Thanks to the Romans and slavery, there’s a bunch of Yorkshire types with African genes.