Get Democracy

I’m trying out the Democracy player, a video player/internet TV thingy with lots of features. They’re currently on the final beta version before a full launch under another name.

I like being able to view stuff from disparate sources in one place. There are a few minor niggles, but they’re mostly problems with familiarisation. The big issue I’m having is that it won’t play videos from Revver very well. My Democracy Player channel (see the sidebar) is having issues and other Revver videos have flickering on them. This may not all be Democracy’s fault, because I’ve had reports of various Revver videos not having sound on them on some people’s computers but not others. I’m going to contact Revver about that and keep on using Democracy in the mean time.

Update One other slight problem. The mini-wizard that’s supposed to appear on first start up is still running every time I turn the PC on. If it could just remember that I’ve already used it I’d be happier.