Anybody know which train for Schiphol Airport?

I really like Holland and, as Austin Powers would say, the freaky deaky Dutch. I got off the plane yesterday at Schiphol and was convinced I must be in the UK and I have yet to find someone who can’t speak English. The trains and taxis have, up untill now, been cheap + reliable as they speed through mile after mile of flat but scenic countryside.


I got up early this morning and checked my PDA told the same time as BBC News. All fine so I set an alarm to remind me when I should head for my meeting with the bank and went to tour Rotterdam. At 10.45 I arrived for my 10.00 meeting and realised I had spent the morning in the wrong timezone (damn the cable tv). However, excuses were made so all fine so far.

After my meeting, I headed for the station to discover there had been an accident and my train was going nowhere. After much confusion, the freaky deaky Dutch came to the rescue and got me on a train to Schipol Airport via Utrecht.

I have, however, missed my plane home so once I finish writing, I’m going to have to spend 3 hours in a Dutch bar at the shareholder’s expense. On the whole, Holland is great- the people are friendy and the train service extremely reliable. If you can’t speak any other languages but want some culture, I’d thouroughly recommend.
(I’ll post details of my Rotterdam tour later this week)

Originally posted 14/10/05 by Duncan