Victoria Baths

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Anyone familiar with the Restoration TV programme will remember Victoria Baths, winner of the first series.

The baths have an open day on the first Sunday of every month during the summer, so we went down to see what had been achieved with the winnings.

The three and a half million pounds owed from the Restoration bounty haven’t been forthcoming, something to do with business plans, so the structure is still slowly collapsing. It looks like the money may be released this year, and will go towards making the building watertight.

I’ve been on the tour of the public areas of the pools before, so when the opportunity to look at the workings came up I jumped at it like the Steam Geek I am. A lot of debris has been cleared away and it’s now possible to get into the cellar and access the main valve that drained the pools. The boiler/ filtration room has even been used in a couple of TV series, though I can’t remember which ones.

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