tiger1-01 revisited

tiger1-01a, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

A second attempt at the first page of Tiger. After spending a few days last week experimenting with Poser and its comic materials, I decided I didn’t like the results. I’ll go back to them again, but for the moment I’m going to go old school.

I took the original rough layout sketch, laid tracing paper over it and added a load of detail. Other roughs on the same page needed a lot less work, but this is the establishing shot and needed to convey place a bit better than just having “Paris” laid on top of it (though it’ll get that as well). I’m particularly happy with the scooters, less happy with the hotel on the left of the picture.

After scanning in I went over the line art and then laid down layer after layer of flat colours. I’ll work shadows and highlights into future frames as I become happy with my technique.

The idea is to clean up the picture every time I go over it, but I fear that having to redraw completely because of the “noise” of pencil smudges I may have taken steps back with the line art. I think I’ll break out the Rotrings and do inked line art pages in the future.