Tweets today

23:16 Against my better judgement I’m again trying to get sense from climate change deniers on one of the blogs I’ve labelled "American Idiots" #

23:18 Blog: RIP David Carradine #

23:18 Blog: Tweets today #

23:22 I think I’ll follow anyone retweeted by people I’m following. For the next few days anyway. #

23:35 @comosa I’m lucky in that almost no-one I know will care about #BB10 either so I won’t have to keep hearing about it. #

11:19 Blog: Sex with ducks #

11:42 Spotted- Aston Martin with registration AVE 1T. Because he couldn’t before TO 55 ER I guess. #

19:54 Should I grow my hair from now to next May? And then shave it all off again? #

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