Tweets today

23:44 Blog: Tweets today #

09:32 Yay, sunshine! It’s like the sun knows people are getting naked later. #

11:24 Just spent an hour researching a comment for a climate change deniers blog that will probably just be deleted. #

11:53 I didn’t like you very much when I met you and now I like you even less. #

14:05 Save the World: Global Warming Art #

15:47 On Two Wheels- Look out for the naked cyclists this evening #

16:03 Bye bye Sally. I just renamed her Elizabeth all the way through the current draft of Sounds of Soldiers. #

18:27 I see naked people. #

18:52 Becky may want to look away now. Dan’s kit is off. #

20:02 Caught by the fuzz! #

20:35 Apparently, noone told the police the World naked Bike Ride would involve naked people. #

21:01 I just cycled 6.38 miles with no clothes on, at an average speed of 6 mph (rolling, the police pulled us over for a while) and max of 13.6. #

22:35 @richjohnston I cycled around Manchester’s city centre with no clothes on. Bet you’re sorry you asked now. #

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