Daily Blog 05/18/2011

  • Men’s adventure is a genre of magazines that had its heyday in the 1950s and 1960s. Catering to a male audience, these magazines featured glamour photography and lurid tales of adventure that typically featured wartime feats of daring, exotic travel or conflict with wild animals.

    These magazines are generally considered the last of the true pulp magazines. They reached their circulation peaks long after the genre-fiction pulps had begun to fade. These magazines were also colloquially called “armpit slicks”, “men’s sweat magazines” or “the sweats”, especially by people in the magazine publishing or distribution trades.

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  • American men love bloody revenge so much that at some low points in our history they have even resorted to reading books to get their fix. Fortunately, today’s gentleman can sate this lust with a jaunt to the Redbox for the latest Snipesploitation classic.

    But before direct-to-DVD and video games, it was up to novelists like “Bruno Rossi” — certainly a pseudonym — to chum the waters of masculine entertainment.

    And chum Rossi did. In his Blood Bath we meet Johnny Rock, a man on a mission: “hunting down and personally murdering anyone even distantly related to the hated Mafia.”

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