RIP All Souls church/Bogle checkpoint 11

RIP All Saints church/Bogle checkpoint 11, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

The hall attached to the church used to be a checkpoint on the Bogle sponsored walk, the last one before the hard final slog along Liverpool Street to the end. More recently the checkpoint moved to the car park.

They started knocking down the hall a while ago, but I expected the church to be left standing. So I was surprised to find this pile of rubble. No doubt it’s going to be replaced by bland apartments. I’m no expert on church architecture, so I couldn’t say whether it was a good example, but it’s a fair assumption that whatever replaces it won’t be as nice.

(Plus, I can’t imagine where the local scallies are going to go to smoke dope?)

Update Ooops. I called the church All Saints in the original version of the post. It’s actually called All Souls. My bad.