Daily Blog 12/31/2011

  • She climbed out of the cockpit of her Fairey Barracuda and became instantly famous. Wearing a summer uniform of white shirt, dark tie and sleeves rolled above the elbows, she slung a parachute over her shoulder and shook out her long blonde hair.
    Back-lit by the afternoon sun, pilot Maureen Dunlop looked unbelievably glamorous.
    And when the picture appeared in 1944 on the cover of the magazine Picture Post, the world was convinced the Air Transport Auxiliary – or ATA – was an-all woman outfit.
    The ATA, or the “legion of the air” as it was known, performed an essential role during World War Two, delivering British warplanes from the factories where they were made to RAF airfields all over Britain. It was dangerous work which gave rise to incredible feats of heroism.

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