Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a cool Bakfiets bike

I need to transport small children, so I need a trike.

Bakfiets is a style, and a brand, of Dutch cargo bike (not all bakfiets are Bakfiets, if that makes sense). Ever since I realised I was primarily a utility cyclist, I’ve had a yearning for a proper cargo bike. There are also a pair of four year olds I need to port around on a regular basis. I’ll have to start paying bus fare for them soon, so an alternative would be worthwhile.

Real Bakfiets are expensive (excellent value over their lifetime, but a lot up front), and even the lower case bakfiets on eBay start at over £700.

Time to start saving, I guess. Though I might be able to find a cheaper project version in Bike, Scooter, and Chopper Projects for the Evil Genius, a copy of which I’ve got lying around somewhere.