Daily Blog 08/06/2012

  • Clean lines and easy operation – the Solidoodle 3D Printer is the right machine to turn your imagination into reality. Upload a 3D file and watch as the Solidoodle 3D Printer magically creates your part, right before your eyes. This is the printer for people who just want to print, not assemble a machine. The printer comes fully assembled with everything you need to get started – all you need to supply is a computer and power.

    As anyone who has assembled a 3D printer from a kit can tell you – the process can be overwhelming… taking weeks and even months before you can even print your first object. At Solidoodle, we take the hassle out of 3D printing by shipping every machine fully assembled and ready to print — right out of the box.

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  • The Mojave Desert, home to Edwards Air Force Base, has been a hotbed of bizarre aircraft activity for decades.  But nevermind those strange lights in the sky!  This remote region of the High Desert is a place where walkers  stumble across the abandoned hulks of great aircraft, apparently left to rot on the desert floor.

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  • Libyan desert glass (LDG), or great sand sea glass is a substance found in areas in the Libyan Desert. Fragments of desert glass can be found over large areas, up to tens of kilometers.

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