Spoilsports Personality of the Year

Despite the title* I’m actually interested in this weekend’s Sports Personality of the Year awards for the first time ever. Sport, in general, doesn’t interest me. The sports I might follow if they were given more coverage are usually ignored for the soap opera with inflated bladders and egos that is football. But this year even I have been interested, and even excited, by events.

As a cyclist I obviously want Bradley Wiggins to win. An Olympic Gold AND the first Brit to win Le Tour- few people are ever going to top that. Only if Andy Murray had won Wimbledon could anyone have a better claim to the title. But cycling is still a ‘minority’ sport in the eyes of some, so there’s still the possibility of Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah or one of the other Olympic wonders getting the award.

Ian interested in mainstream sports coverage. Truly 2012 has been an odd year.

*It’s a Carter USM song, from the Post-Historic Monsters album. I will never pass up the opportunity to quote a Carter song in a post (or book) title.